School outline


Our Pride

High passing scores of the national exam, and a high stable employment rate.

Since our school opened, we have nurtured many excellent barbers and hairdressers. Among the graduates, there are many active barbers and hairdressers whose names are well known throughout the nation, as well as outside of the country. Our first place recipients of The Barber/Hairdresser’s Technical and Skills Competition Award, and The Contemporary Master of Skills and Craftsmanship Award have made a commendable influence on our reputation. Therefore, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive education cultivated over the many years.

Commencing with the 21 century is the completion of our new school building in 2003.
Along with this, we believe that many of the brilliant artists arising from our school-Akita Beauty College “Akiribi” will be proliferating throughout the world.

The History of the School

July of 1871 Opened as Akita Women’s College of Art and Design
March of 1929 Approved by the Ministry of Education Foundation
December of 1949 Approbation to Keiai Gakuen School Corporation
April of 1954 Ministry of Health and Welfare Approval of Barber and Hairdresser Training Facility
April of 1955 Affiliated to Keiai Gakuen High School (Barber / Hairdresser Department)
April of 1979 Renamed to Kokugakukan High School (Barber / Haridresser Department)
February of 1999 Vocational school establishment permission approval
April of 1999 Established as Keiai Gakuen School Corporation-Akita Beauty College
July of 2003 New school building completed

School Location

Akita-shi, Senshu Meitoku-machi-”Embraced within a deep green vegetation”

Our school is located in a tranquil corner overshadowed by the greenery of the Kubota Castle ruins, better known as Senshu Park. Also in this vicinity are The former Hirano Masakichi Art Museum, designed by Yoshinobu Ashihara, The Akita Prefectural Museum renowned for the Leonardo Fujita and Goya collections, Meitokukan(The Municipal Library), designed by Akio Taniguchi, and an elementary school and private high school.
Akita Station, Agora Square, and the adjoining cultural complexes that hub Akita city are just minutes away. In spite of being blessed with the city’s bustle, we are also provided with the optimum environment for seeking beauty and sensitivity and moreover to fully experience the serenity of the seasons of nature, which undoubtedly refreshes and buds our many new talents.

Senshu Park
Senshu Park
Prefectural public hall
Masakichi Hirano
Museum of Art
Front of Akita Station

The contemporary school building is resplendent amongst the ambient green landscape

Standing amidst the serenity of Senshu Park,
our school will expand, enrich and dazzle your senses and skills with our state-of-the-art facilities.

Front entrance
Contemporary Salon Facilities
Trendy esthetician machine in the training room
Training room

Eligible Qualifications

Get a lifetime license with Akiribi.

The national examination for a barber/hairdresser is divided into a practical exam and a written exam. In passing both exams a barber’s or hairdresser’s license can be obtained.

Barber’s license/Hairdresser’s license are a lifetime national certification promising endless possibilities depending on each individual’s skill.

Barber’s license
Hairdresser license
Specialist’s title
Color exam grade 1
Color exam grade 2
Color exam grade 3
エステ ディプロマ(認定証)
Esthetician Diploma
メイクアップ ディプロマ(認定証)
Makeup Diploma
Certificate of
nail certification
Overseas training
Overseas training

Expanding the possibilities for specialist

Job roles of specialists expand beyond the basic barber/hairdresser qualifications…Let “Akiribi” help you attain a specialist title as a management barber, management hairdresser, hair designer, makeup artist, esthetician, nail artist, kimono dresser and stylist!

Akiribi has an outstanding passing rate of the national examination

In 2001 the new examination system for the national exam was initiated. In both 2001 and 2002, Akiribi had achieved 100% passing scores on the hairdresser’s national exam. Only 3 out to 173 school nationwide had achieved 100% passing scores on the national exam for two consecutive years. In 2003 the barber’s national exam also achieved passing scores of 100%. In 2014 “Akiribi” again achieved 100% passing scores on the national exam for haridressers. We keep a constant high passing rate every year on the national examination, because we see the national examination as fundamental, so in consequence teach each individual earnestly and meticulously.

A stable and High Employment Rate

Job employment is consistent not only in Akita, but also outside the prefecture, especially in the metropolitan areas of Tokyo and Sendai. The conscientious achievements of former “Akiribi” graduates expand the opportunities of employment for the future graduates.



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