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Individual and Small Group Teaching

Our school’s original teaching method is based on individualized instruction which we believe will be of utmost effect in the future. Along with a carefully selected curriculum, and our exceptional teachers, a high passing rate of the national examination has been maintained throughout the many years.
A professional diploma is received upon graduation.


A 100% rate of employment every year.

Our notable long standing achievements have been highly evaluated by the related business circles, therefore the credibility and reliability of our graduates are unquestionable. As a result the job acceptance rate of our school is stable every year as our graduates are able to find jobs pervasively throughout the country.


A blessed learning environment

Located within the confines of Senshu Park our school can be accessed from JR Akita Station just within 5 minutes on foot. An ideal location for comprehensive study and student life.



An observation / participation “Hands On” experience enrollment application is being accepted!

If you’re wondering what kind of place Akita Ken Barber and Beauty College “Akiribi” is...

Why not apply for our Observation / Participation “Hands On” Experience enrollment?
You can apply for the Observation / Participation “Hands On” Experience enrollment by mailing in your form, or by calling us directly.



Admissions qualification and quota [the daytime course and April Admission]

Number of acceptees Barber : 40 people Hairdresser: 75 people
The term of the training 2 years / total of about 2000 hours.
Admission qualification High school graduates or persons who will be graduating in March
Application period

From October 1, (deadline is full capacity)

※ The application period for the AO entrance examination is different from the general admission entrance examination and the student scholarship entrance examination.

Entrance examination division

There is a student scholarship entrance examination in addition to the general admission entrance examination.

Refer to admissions material for student scholarship entrance examination.


Scholarship system

・“Akiribi” student scholarship

・Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization

・Other scholarship

Please check the scholarship system for more information.
Our “Akiribi” student scholarship is our independent school scholarship available to all students. We encourage you to apply for the “Akiribi” student scholarship.



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