Fundamental to “Akiribi” is basic repetition


The basic principal of our practical training is repetition. This is done unrelentingly until it is soaked into our bodies, hands, fingers, and all of our five senses. Such day-to-day discipline leads to the successful passing of the national examination, and in effect accomplished future barbers/hairdressers. Competing for technique and outward appearances alone, will not promote beauty. Therefore through acquiring the basic skills, the reverence for beauty cultivates naturally and allows for a deep human development as well.

This type of effectual education is the objective of our school.

Our school aims at nurturing future leaders who are not only well skilled with sophisticated techniques, but also broadly educated in many aspects.
We emphasize on the “basics” of beauty, and also respect the individuality and hopes of each student while teaching the practical skills.




Compulsory course

Related laws and regulations, Hygiene management, Barber/hairdresser health management, Barber/hairdresser physics- chemistry, 

Barber/hairdresser cultural theory, Barber/hairdresser administration, Barber/hairdresser training, Barber/hairdresser technological theory

Optional compulsory course

Esthetic technology, Make-up, Total fashion, Nails, Barber/hairdresser counseling,

Barber/hairdresser mode theory, Barber/hairdresser overall technology, color theory, health/physical education and others.

Extracurricular classes at the salon are also provided.

Applying “make-up” that gives an overshadowed shade to the skin had been reflected to the era when class, gender, and the imitation of the deep set features of Westerners fostered harmful effects on the skin.

However with the change in dietary habits and customs, the body and figure of the young people have developed and refined along with the skeletal features, enhancing a co-existence of the Western and Japanese traditional beauty.Now that the evaluation axis of beauty has diversified, our goal is aiming to a healthier and natural “make-up” that meets modern needs. “Akiribi” strives to refine each person’s sensibility to express individuality.


Course and training

Salon work, customer relation manner course, make-up course, nail course and esthetic course
hair/eyelashes extension course, kimono dressing course, bridal course, color coordination for certification exam course, and color course

Overseas Training (2003 - present)
Every year we have had, and will continue to have our training in the fashion capitals of the world, predominantly Paris, Roma, London, Milan, Los Angeles.

Competitions and Tournaments

Barber technical skills tournament and barber wig tournament (Akita-ken barber and sanitary life guild sponsorship)
Hairdresser technical skills tournament (Akita-ken hairdresser and sanitary life guild sponsorship)

Guest Instructors Special Classes

Mr. Hisahiro Yamamoto [fiscal year 2004], Mr. Takemi Umeno, Mr. Hiroaki Ando [fiscal year 2005], Mr. YOSH TOYA [fiscal year 2006]

Mr. Yoshiyuki Horibe, Mr. Masao Hattori, Mr. Shirasaka [fiscal year 2007]

Mr. Hideo Imai, Mr. Daisuke Nakamura, Mr. Tomoyasu Nakashima [fiscal year 2008]


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